Duropal 38mm Worktops

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Duropal worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price. The comprehensive selection of decors offer opportunities from the most modern applications to the more traditional. Duropal have just relaunched some new and exciting decors and texture changes to the range. Classic profile has gone, but we now have the new 2mm radius top, 3mm bottom Cubix profile available on certain decors throughout the range. Also we have a range of 4 Xtreme Matt decors on the new 20mm thickness which are also available in the 40mm option too. For further information regarding all textures changes and updates plus new decor introductions please refer to the brochure by using the above link as provided. 

Available in a standard 4100mm length plus a 2050mm also, there are 3 depths from 600mm, 670mm and 900mm wide. 

To view all current discontinued Duropal decors from the 2014 - 2016 range, please click here. 

Here at Co Tops we offer the entire Duropal range for your requirements. Duropal being such a large consumer of chipboard, ensure that all their material carries the PEFC certification, guaranteeing that it comes from properly environmentally managed and sustained sources. In addition Duropal worktops have Fira Gold accreditation and are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. 

Care & Cleaning

Find out how to take care of your brand new quality worktop

Duropal provide a quality Care & Cleaning guide for their customers, making sure that you keep your worktop as good as new. Click here to view the guide.

Sample Request

Duropal offer a sample service to allow you to know exactly what you are getting. Only original sample can give a realistic impression of colours, designs and surface finishes.

Refer to the Duropal website, www.duropal.co.uk to view a large scale image of the decor.

Duropal Cut and Edge Fabrication

Take a look at the Duropal Brochure here

When working together with Co Tops, we strive to make you feel part of our exclusive network of customers by offering you expert advice and unrivalled sales support throughout your order process. By supplying us with detailed drawings, kitchen plans and sizes to suit, we can customise your order and provide you with the most cost effective price possible by using our clever cut to size price structure. This process means you can confidently eliminate any material waste, reduce costs and have a much more advanced bespoke option. With over 50 Duropal matching PP edges available, and square edge options also offered on both Duropal and Axiom worktops, the design options are limitless. We work with every door manufacturer to deliver any radius curve designs and can also provide bespoke island sizes in Duropal at 3000mm x 1200mm.Please note this particular item is special order only and delivery is typically two weeks from date of order along with most Duropal acrylic edge fabrication offered within our extensive range of cut and edge services. 

With access to our trade price book you’ll find all the information you need to confidently design and price a kitchen plan/layout. Alternatively please feel free to send us over a copy of your design and we will be happy to price and discuss any areas you may need explaining in further detail. Working with our Duropal cut an edge offering is simple and once you understand the process you’ll confidently deliver your own customer quotations and design solutions. Remember, if you need us we are always here to help you throughout the entire sales and order process, every step of the way. 

When you familiarise with the offering, you will see that all Duropal boards including the matching acrylic edge specified, are sold using a per cm price according to the depth you require and your running length board can be any length up to 4000mm. Remember you only pay for the cut length you need, no waste necessary and no need for heavy off cuts to have to skip or waste. That solves your worktop runs, so to further compliment your design why not choose to include a modern radius curve, a continuous breakfront contemporary edge or a simple acrylic straight edge return, the choice is yours. From breakfast bars to islands, inset post-formed fabrication or a simple galley run design, we can reduce your fitting costs on site and minimise the entire worktop installation by offering you this exclusive fabrication cut and edge service. 

For prices and order requirements please contact our sales office on 01582 477478 for more information or alternatively complete our enquiry page on the Contact Us section.  

Axiom Cut & Edge Fabrication

Download the Axiom brochure here

When it comes to Axiom worktops, we are pleased to provide our Cut and Edge Fabrication offering to all decors available across the range. The only difference to the Duropal offering is that we use the square edge process for this range and not matching PP Edge options. This bespoke service still enables you to purchase the worktop runs priced by the centimetre, delivering the same radius curve configurations, plus maximum 860mm islands. Corner arrangements and standard post form worktop runs with inset post formed options and splay returns in both Axiom and Duropal also available.

For prices and order requirements please contact our sales office on 01582 477478 for more information or alternatively complete our enquiry page on the Contact Us section and a member of our sales team will be happy to help with your order.

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