Cotops are pleased to announce we now stock Duropal Elements worktops. Available in 20mm thickness and in a range of popular colours, these offer all the quality you would expect from a duropal laminate yet at a lower price point.

This means incredibly competitive prices for a 20m full edged worktop, typical savings over other materials are as follows:

60% saving over composite

75% saving over stone

20% saving on other 20mm laminate tops

Nero Portoro Elements 20

S63028 SD

Trasimeno Basalt Elements 20

S63013 MS

Breccia Paradiso Elements 20

S63021 SD

Ipanema Grey Elements 20

S61013 BR

Ballato Grey Elements 20

F76044 SD

Carrara Marble Elements 20

S63009 SD

Ipanema White Elements 20

S61011 BR

Glacial Storm Elements 20

S66012 MS

India White Elements 20

S63045 SD

Quartz Stone Elements 20

F73009 BR

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